Compensation Calculator

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Head Injuries
Minor Head Injury £1,450—£8,400 Claim
Minor Brain Damage £10,000—£28,250 Claim
Severe Brain Damage £144,000—£185,000 Claim
Very Severe Brain Damage £185,000—£265,000 Claim
Neck Injuries
Minor Whiplash £875—£5,150 Claim
Moderate Whiplash £5,150—£16,400 Claim
Severe Fractures/Paraplegia £16,400—£97,500 Claim
Back Injuries
Minor Back Injuries £875—£8,250 Claim
Moderate Back Injuries £8,250—£25,500 Claim
Severe Back Injuries £25,500—£111,000 Claim
Arm Injuries
Simple Fractures £4,350—£12,600 Claim
Less Severe Injuries £12,600—£25,750 Claim
Permanent Disablement £25,750—£39,300 Claim
Severe Injuries/amputation £63,000—£197,000 Claim
Elbow Injuries
Elbow Injuries £8,250—£36,000 Claim
Wrist Injuries
Wrist Injuries £2,300—£39,300 Claim
Hand Injuries
Hand Injuries £1,450—£132,000 Claim
Leg Injuries
Less Serious Leg Injuries £6,000—£18,250 Claim
Severe Leg Injuries £18,250—£89,000 Claim
Amputations £60,000—£185,000 Claim
Knee Injuries
Knee Injuries £9,000—£63,000 Claim
Ankle Injuries
Ankle Injuries £9,000—£45,750 Claim
Foot Injuries
Foot Injuries £9,000—£132,000 Claim


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