Added Value from Clear Law

Added Value from Clear Law

If you have sustained serious or catastrophic injuries following an accident, contact the specialist team at Clear Law - one of the leading serious injury solicitors.
Yes, you will receive an unparalleled legal service from our expert lawyers, but we are set apart from other lawyers because we genuinely want to help you and your families through this difficult time – in the months and years ahead even after the litigation is concluded
We know that a loss of income will cause significant financial anxiety for you and your family/ loved ones. At Clear Law, we help alleviate your financial
worries by taking away the stress of looming bills and the private cost of returning you to the best quality of life possible
  • We will help protect your home and your family
  • We will liaise with your Bank or Building Society concerning mortgage payments and other loans, direct debits or standing orders
  • We will liaise with your employer
  • We will contact your credit card companies and any other creditors (e.g. car loan companies) you may have
  • We will contact your Utilities companies regarding your household bills
  • We will help you obtain a Blue Badge where appropriate
  • We will ensure you receive free welfare benefits advice
  • For business owners, we can put you in contact with our Commercial team for best advice and assistance
  • We can offer a bespoke rehabilitation package
  • We can arrange psychotherapy to help reduce the impact of this incident
  • We will look to obtain an interim payment at the earliest opportunity

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