Clear Law - Siblings' First 10k – An Interview

Clear Law - Siblings' First 10k – An Interview

Nick and Kirsty Ford of Clear Law will be attempting The Simplyhealth Great Manchester Run on Sunday 28th May 2017.
“It is our first attempt at a 10k and we will be running for our chosen charities Christies and Shelter. 10k might not seem like a long way to some of you, but for us chubby ones it’s a right challenge”.
Kirsty chose to run for Shelter as “the work they do for the homeless is unbelievable – dealing with over 5 million requests for help last year alone!  Living in Manchester City Centre as we do, it is obvious to see the number of homeless is increasing year on year and charities like Shelter are the back bone to reducing this horrifying trend”.  The following article will shed some light on the level of homeless in Manchester alone -
Nick chose to run for Christies NHS Foundation Trust because “the work they do in cancer research and care is phenomenal.  A number of people close to me have either worked for or been cared for by Christies and their feedback regarding everything they do there is simply outstanding”. There was recently a fire in the cancer research building at Christies, which destroyed some extremely valuable research.  Please have a read of this article to learn more - 
Nick said “coming into this challenge, we had both managed a personal best of around the 3k mark which was usually completed on a Sunday morning to try and run off a hang over from the night before, so it was safe to say that we had a bit of work to do.  Over the past few weeks we have increased our PB to the 7k mark and we now feel more comfortable with the longer distances”.  
Nick and Kirsty have also been dieting to try and in their own words “drop some weight for the Run to reduce the chances of needing CPR on the finish line!  If we continue to work hard, I am sure we will both finish with respectable times come the day of the race.  Nick added they “also have a holiday to Ibiza booked for the 3rd June and the thought of walking down Bora Bora beach in our speedos looking slightly less fat is an extra incentive”.
Below is a link to Nick and/or Kirsty’s Just Giving pages, where you can donate to their chosen charities:

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