5 quick fire questions with Daniel Toubkin

5 quick fire questions with Daniel Toubkin

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What is your role in the company?

I am a solicitor in the Clinical Negligence Dept. I joined in Jan 2019. I qualified in 2005 in Israel and have been working in the UK since 2007.

What is your biggest achievement whilst working at Clear Law?

I secured an 80K settlement for a client following a negligent ACL reconstructions (which are the ligaments in the knee). He was a very challenging client who spent most of his time on the phone ranting about past treatment. The case was also quite risky and therefore I was very pleased when he agreed to accept the offer which represented a good settlement for him.

What have you been working on recently?

I have a mixed bag of cases most of which are quite complex clinical negligence claims including cerebral palsy; paediatric amputation and cancer cases. In addition, I have a number of PI cases which I have introduced to the firm.

How have you coped working from home?

It’s been challenging and I miss the office banter and “life” as well as my big screens, but working from home does have some advantages such as working from the comfort of the bed and instead of going out for lunch, having a little nap.

It’s also been amazing to have so much quality time with my 2 young children and wife, but at the same time it’s not easy reading a report with lots of screaming going on around the house!”

What’s your favourite thing about working for Clear Law?

I think that the leadership is really good (and sadly I have some bad examples to compare this to). Allowing Fee Earners to “just get on with work”; backing them financially where needed and looking after staff’s wellbeing are key elements of what I like about Clear Law. There are some real future plans and actual growth which is quite rare and encouraging. The charity events; parties and the competition between the teams (with great prizes) held by the firm are also great.

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