Rebuilding Shattered Lives

Rebuilding Shattered Lives

The most common reason given by most practitioners when asked why they have specialised in clinical negligence or catastrophic injury work is because of the benefit that one can provide to those who have been injured.

Working within clinical negligence often client’s are already in a vulnerable state as one does not tend to visit hospital or their GP if they are well. The impact of an injury can be far ranging and can effect people in ways that change from person to person. Every practitioner can recall a client who had a specific interest or hobby that has been impacted by an injury or interrupted due to the untimely passing of a loved one.

From my own recent experience after a patient passed away on an operating table during a routine hernia operation due to the poor performance of the pre-operative anaesthetic tests and subsequent anaesthetic management during the operation, the son of the deceased was left with no choice but to move back to the family home to care for his brain injured brother and arthritic mother. The son’s life was changed forever. Another case saw a young lady left with a condition known as short-bowel syndrome which in effect reduces the transit time of eating food to the need to go to the toilet. For someone who has a busy job and social life this drastically impacts on the ability to perform or enjoy either.

Our role however should not be viewed as winning compensation but more as to allowing those people who have been injured or suffered due to negligence that there are ways to help piece their lives back together. With the examples I gave before this could mean the implementation of professional care to assist with the care of both the brain injured brother and arthritic mother, allowing their dedicated son some respite. For the young lady financial support in recognition of her lost employment hours so she could still contribute to her son’s mortgage.

This is why both I and Clear Law are firm supporters of the recent APIL Campaign of #rebuildingshatteredlives. This project is designed to refocus the attention on the fact that there are too many people suffering needless injuries. The goal should always be prevention of injuries and the more that people share their stories and spread awareness of this campaign the better. As I said, every practitioner has a story about a client and how they helped them. The more that these stories are shared the greater the impact of this important campaign will be.

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