Adam Chaffe

Adam Chaffe

Direct: 0161 873 2792

Prior to working in the Law, Adam was employed within the broadcast television industry and as a lecturer, where he developed excellent client relationship skills and commercial awareness.

Adam started with Clear Law in early 2018 and brings with him a great deal of technical expertise, having previously worked as a Solicitor at Irwin Mitchell, a Tier 1 national Serious and Catastrophic Practice. 
Adam has dedicated his legal career to helping Claimants seek recompense for their personal injuries, consequential financial losses and also access to treatment and rehabilitation. He enjoys the technical challenges of this work and proactively driving cases forward to achieve the best rehabilitation and financial outcomes for his clients. Adam puts client care at the centre of his practice and delivers clear and timely advice.
Adam is very aware that Serious and Catastrophic injuries have both physical and psychological outcomes that put a great deal of emotional and financial strain on the individual and their family. So whenever appropriate, Adam will arrange a case manager’s immediate needs assessment of the Claimant’s activities of daily living and needs, with the aim of seeking the third party insurer to fund early rehabilitation and provide an interim payment to alleviate financial hardship.

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