Danielle Whalley

Danielle Whalley

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Danielle’s area of expertise are complex and high value clinical negligence claims.

Danielle's specialisms range from catastrophic birthing and brain injuries, to delays in diagnosis of cancer or other injuries. She also deals with claims where, due to the injuries, the Claimant has been left with permanent physical and psychological injuries.

Danielle has also dealt with highly sensitive claims with the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority involving sexual assaults resulting in both physical and psychiatric injuries.

Examples of Danielle's cases include:

Dental Negligence

The claimant suffered partial paralysis to the left side of her face due to the dentist injecting bleach into her gum whilst undergoing a root canal treatment. This has caused permanent damage to her nerves, which means the Claimant now suffers with constant uncontrollable dribbling which is a source of embarrassment and has affected her psychologically. The Claimant received £18,000 in damages.


The Claimant injured her shoulder after being trapped in tram doors. The Claimant underwent surgery, however this was done incorrectly, as metal anchors were placed into the Claimant’s shoulder. This has caused the Claimant to suffer permanent damage to her shoulder including loss of rotation, excessive scarring, and she is no longer able to carry out everyday tasks. This has caused a significant impact on her quality of life, and the claim value is valued between £100 - £200,000.

Danielle has previously worked in a Legal 500 firm, where she progressed from a paralegal to a fee earner working solely on clinical negligence claims, including high value brain injury and cerebral palsy cases. Danielle joined Clear Law in August 2015, and has since helped build up the clinical negligence department and expand her knowledge running a variety of claims.

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