Shahida Chaudery

Shahida Chaudery

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High value and complex personal injury claims are Shahida’s area of expertise.

Shahida focuses predominantly on personal injury claims arising from road traffic accidents, employer’s liability, public liability and clinical negligence, commonly resulting in catastrophic injuries to the brain and spine, as well as psychological injuries.

Shahida also deals with highly sensitive claims against the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, involving sexual assaults resulting in psychological/psychiatric injuries.

Examples of Shahida's cases include:


The Claimant was a 10 year old girl and was hit by an oncoming vehicle. The Claimant suffered multiple significant injuries including a fractured skull, jaw, eye socket, multiple maxillofacial injuries and a compound fracture to her leg. Estimated value of the claim is between £60,000 and £100,000.

Clinical Negligence

The Claimant who had paraplegia was admitted into hospital for a routine procedure. He was sexually assaulted by another patient who had a history of mental illness. As a result of this, the Claimant suffered an exacerbation of his psychological condition. The claim settled for £35,000.


The Claimant was hit by a vehicle whilst on a bicycle. As a result, he suffered a significant brain injury and continues to suffer with neurological effects since the accident requiring ongoing neurological rehabilitation. Estimated value of the claim is between £200,000 and £500,000.

Clinical Negligence

The Claimant suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of failures by a hospital to fully evacuate the Claimant’s products of conception after a miscarriage, leading to excessive bleeding, requiring a blood transfusion and a further operation. The case settled for £40,000.

Shahida previously worked for a Tier 2 Legal 500 Firm and built up a vast amount of experience of dealing with personal injury claims on behalf of the NHS Litigation Authority. These claims involved clinical negligence, employer’s liability and public liability against Hospital Trusts.

Shahida joined Clear Law in October 2015 and has since continued to expand her experience by dealing with high value and complex claims on behalf of Claimants.

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