The pleasures of working as a Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence Solicitor

The pleasures of working as a Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence Solicitor

It became clear to me quite early on during my legal studies, after a change in career, that I was gravitating towards Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence Law. I was initially attracted by the medical science, the general science and the promise of working with evidence to establish the claim.

After a short time in the role, I found that the aspect of the work that I appreciated most wasn’t the technical or legal aspects of the work (although these remain very interesting) but the fact that you develop a genuine relationship with clients.

Claimants are often very low after suffering injury. They need more than good legal advice and confidence that their claim is being progressed – these just go with the territory. The Claimants also need to feel able to discuss very personal and often very embarrassing issues with you as a Solicitor. Being able to reassure your clients that it is safe and appropriate to discuss their real concerns and problems and often to be able to laugh with them as they come to terms with their situation is a genuine privilege. To work with a person who has just lost a loved-one is very humbling and to assist an injured child is a cause worth fighting for.

For those of you who work in Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence, you will know exactly what I mean. For those of you who work in other areas – you might be missing out.

I have remained in contact with many of the students I once taught. I am now in contact with the Claimants whose claims I helped to settle.

Perhaps the last thing to say is Thank You! Thank You to the Claimants who have put their trust in my firm Clear Law and who have opened up their lives so that we can help them.

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