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Accidents Abroad

A holiday abroad should be something to look forward to, but unfortunately even whilst on holiday, accidents can and do happen.

Suffering an injury abroad can often be worse than at home – as well as the injury itself, there’s the added stress of dealing with foreign authorities and unfamiliar medical and legal systems.

But as long as you booked your package holiday through an accredited holiday operator, you may be able to bring a claim for any injuries you have sustained. By using UK courts, you avoid having to negotiate the difficult task of pursuing a claim in the jurisdiction where the accident happened.

So for instance, if you:

  • Fall and injure yourself during an excursion;
  • Suffer from food poisoning after a hotel meal;
  • Fall victim to faulty steps into the swimming pool;
  • Have a motoring accident on an organised trip;

then you could seek compensation from your tour operator as long as the accident occurs within the parameters of the package holiday.

If you do have an accident abroad then you should report it to your holiday rep, gather evidence such as photographs and medical records and take details of witnesses; it will help your claim when back in the UK.

The specialist solicitors here at Clear Law can help with all kinds of holiday accident compensation claims and explain to you in what circumstances you may or may not be able to bring a claim in the UK for accidents abroad, what rules apply and how you need to go about it.

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