Serious Injury

Unfortunately, a serious injury can happen at any time, and at Clear Law, we understand the devastating impact it has upon the lives of the injured person and their families.

Life-changing decisions must be made quickly, and often at an emotionally sensitive time. Both short-term and long-term issues have to be considered, such as income from employment, provision of immediate and ongoing healthcare, and the impact on the rest of the family. There may even be a requirement for adaptations to accommodation before a loved one can return to the comfort of their own home.

It is therefore crucial that the best legal advice is obtained as early as possible to share the burden of making these decisions and to ensure that the best support is made available in terms of immediate need for things such as rehabilitation, aids and equipment, medical treatment, care and adaptations to accommodation.

We at Clear Law have extensive experience in these situations and will provide a service that will make a real difference to the person who has suffered serious injury and their families at such a traumatic and distressing time.

In the longer term, we will continue to assess the needs of the client and their family and seek to secure funding for their rehabilitation and financial needs. Where liability is not in dispute we will seek to secure a substantial interim payment (early advance on part of the damages) to help ease financial pressures and to assist with any care needs or adaptation costs that simply cannot wait until the end of the claim.

Once the final compensation has been received, we will continue to assist our clients and their families by ensuring that there is support provided where necessary for care and rehabilitation needs and in respect of the financial investment of their compensation to secure a regular income.

We feel it is extremely important that our clients and their families understand that they are not alone throughout this process and once you are a client of Clear Law, you will always be a client of Clear Law, even beyond the conclusion of the case.

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