Skin Cancer Awareness month - written by Mark Thomason, Deputy Head of Clinical Negligence

Skin Cancer Awareness month - written by Mark Thomason, Deputy Head of Clinical Negligence

Skin Cancer Awareness Month

As we move in to the warming weather and with summer just around the corner it is only appropriate that the month of May gives rise to Skin Cancer Awareness Month. As the days lengthen and more and more people take to their gardens and others dust off their running trainers it is more important than ever that you take care of your skin and protect yourself when you are outdoors.

The most common cause of skin cancer is exposure to the sun which can cause changes to the cells on your skin. The best way to stay safe is to always ensure you are using sun cream on a regular basis. Even on a cloudy day this is advisable.

If you are concerned about developing skin cancer then these are the signs you should watch out for;

A sore that doesn't heal

The sore can look see through, shiny and pink or pearly white. It can also look red. It may feel sore, rough and have raised edges.


Look out for an area of skin that has broken down (an ulcer) and doesn't heal within 4 weeks, and you can't think of a reason for this change.

A lump

This might be small, slow growing, shiny and pink or red.

Red patches on your skin

These red patches could also be itchy. This could be due to other non cancerous skin conditions. But get it checked to make sure.

Freckles or moles

A change to a mole or freckle can be a sign of another type of skin cancer called melanoma.

If you have any concerns you should always speak to your GP.

Since the COVID pandemic however it has been more and more difficult for individuals to be examined in person. If your GP does not grant you a face to face assessment this is not good enough for the assessment of a potentially cancerous growth. Often a short delay is salvageable but with some skin cancers speed is a necessity. We have worked with a number of client’s who have had symptoms either missed, ignored or explained away as something else.

If you do feel that this has happened to you please do not hesitate to contact our team.

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