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We at Clear Law know and appreciate that it is extremely difficult for clients to come forward and speak openly about a case of abuse. We work with clients in a highly sensitive and sympathetic manner, and do all we can to ensure that you feel safe and secure throughout the claims process.

We understand that every abuse incident is unique to the individual concerned, and it is often the case that they just require answers to enable them to achieve closure.

We meet with clients initially and obtain as much information as possible to enable us to help. The particular challenges that arise in cases of this nature are time limits for bringing a claim (where the abuse has been historical), what evidence is available, and what disciplines of expert evidence will be required.

We understand that confidentiality is hugely important to abuse victims, and as solicitors we are bound by strict confidentiality; all information provided will be in the strictest confidence. As part of the claim process however, this information will have to be shared with authorised people such as experts and the Defendant(s), but this will only be disclosed with the client’s express authority to do so, and will only be for the purposes of bringing the claim. Where Court proceedings are necessary, we can apply to do so anonymously, in order to protect our client’s identity.

We set up a team as early as possible in the case, to make sure that our clients are receiving the best possible advice as soon as possible. This includes an experienced barrister and a team of experts in the appropriate disciplines. At the conclusion of the case, we assist our clients by introducing them to independent financial advisers to discuss and advise upon the investment of their damages for the best returns and to help provide the best future income for the client.

It is extremely important that our clients understand they are not alone in this process. Once you are a client of Clear Law, you will always be a client of Clear Law, even beyond the conclusion of the case.

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