Personal Injury Claims

Slips, Trips or Falls

If you are ever unfortunate enough to suffer an injury following a trip or slip in a public place, or even on private property, you may be able to claim compensation from the party who is responsible for the area where you fell if a problem on that property caused the fall.

Different rules will apply depending on whether the accident site is part of the public highway, which will include footpaths and other public areas, or on private property, such as a shopping centre.

Not all problems will be accepted as being sufficiently hazardous to give rise to a right of action at law, and there are a number of defences that can be raised by the party responsible for the property in question, even if the problem is accepted as being a dangerous hazard.

This type of accident is thus fraught with potential difficulties, and it is therefore very important to have the assistance of an experienced professional in pursuing these types of claim.

Here at Clear Law, we have extensive experience in relation to slip and trip claims and an excellent track record of obtaining compensation for clients who have suffered this type of accident, despite the difficulties this type of claim can pose.

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